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Google is heart of online business, create business page to improve your search ranking.

Create Free Business Page

Creating business page is easy and simple. We recommend you to create account using Gmail or Facebook so you don't need to remember any user name and password and every time you can login in website in single click.

By email

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Create account with your email so you can login in website using user name and password

By Gmail

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Create account with your gmail so you can login in website without user name and password

By Facebook

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Create account with your facebook so you can login in website in one click

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Advantage of creating business page

Increased exposure to potential customers

Increased exposure to potential customers

Either you have website or not by creating a business page, you can increase public interest while promote your products or services through website. Business page give you bigger presence and help you to build customer loyalty.

Gather more leads

Business page give you dedicated contact form for your business so you can receive more qualified lead by email or phone call to expand your business through website.

Qualified Leads
Marketing expenses

Lower your marketing expenses

Business page is absolutely free and you can promote all your business ads (products and services) without any cost.

Reach a targeted audience

Grameen market consists with more than 100’s of categories, so you can post your ads which fit to your business. Its help you to increase the quality of customer and help you to find the targeted audience online.

Reach a targeted audience
Build Brand Loyalty

Build Brand Loyalty

Either you are established or new startup company building a brand loyalty can help you to grow your business. An E-commerce marketplace like Grameen market can give you bigger branded presents online.

Increase your website traffic

How good is your website without any online traffic? Business page (mini website) can dramatically increase your existing web traffic.

Increase web traffic
Boost your local SEO

Boost SEO

Either you are marketing in TV, Radio, News Paper or any social media, SEO Is the best option to find your customer online. If customer doesn’t find you in Google, Bing search result you are losing lots of potential prospects everyday. Business page in Grameen market can help you to boost your SEO without any technical knowledge.